Cats and Flag

Cats and Flag

I went on a date with this guy, and he told me he has 4 cats. Should I consider that a red flag?

This is a man who understands and appreciates love, comfort, affection, and snuggling. If you don’t want him, I might have room for a second husband…
No way! A cat loving man is a good catch!
My husband had 3 when we met (now 5 due to my brood) and we've been together 8 years, married for 1.
The red flag in this scenario is if he experiments on the cats, has sex with the cats or dresses them up to look like his mother. Big red flags!
40 cats is a problem.
4 cats is a family.
Unless he’s neglectful of the cats, or of his home’s hygiene, or if you have a problem with cats in general, I don’t see how that’s some kind of a red flag.
Are you allergic?
If not, see how he interacts with the cats, is it caring, or weird? It's good for a man to be able to express care for pets. Possibly, he took on some of these cats because nobody else could give them a home. That's a green flag, in my book.
Telling you on a date that he has four cats is conversation. It is not a red flag. You might converse back with him on topics such as how did he meet his cats, do they hog the sheets, do they miss him when he goes out the door, what your experience with cats is, whether you have pets, what your hobbies are, how interesting you find dating, your thoughts on the meaning of life and so on. Did the expression "red flag" originate from war activities? As opposed to white flag? Dating should be fun, not warlike. Also more people in the modern age should consider that being single is enjoyable and flagless for many people just as being with someone is enjoyable for others.

The top answer is number 3.

You have to re-verify the answers, there is no guarantee that all answers are correct.

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