Clutch in Cars and Dirt Bikes

Why is riding the clutch in a car bad, but on a dirt bike it is highly recommended?

Riding the clutch in a car is generally considered bad because it causes unnecessary wear and tear on the clutch components, leading to premature failure. It also reduces fuel efficiency and can result in overheating of the clutch.

On the other hand, riding the clutch on a dirt bike is recommended in certain situations, such as navigating tight turns, steep inclines, or tricky terrain. This is because it allows the rider to maintain control of the bike's power delivery and speed while navigating challenging off-road conditions. In these situations, using the clutch can help prevent stalling and provide smoother power delivery.

The differences in recommendation between cars and dirt bikes are due to the distinct mechanical and operational characteristics of each vehicle, as well as the specific demands of their respective driving environments.
As John mentioned, most modern motorcycles have a wet clutch. This means the clutch is bathed in engine oil. When you ride the clutch on a bike, you have some lubrication preventing heat build-up. That oil is circulated and cooled by whatever mechanism cools the motorcycle (air or water).

That said, you can wear out a motorcycle clutch if you ride it constantly or keep dumping on it hard. It is not immune to damage. However, the clutch assembly is accessible by removing a plate on the side of the engine. It is both easy to get to, and easy for a skilled mechanic to replace.

In a car you have a dry clutch. There is nothing but air between the clutch plates. When you ride the clutch you create friction; friction generates heat; heat will warp one or both plates. If you damage the clutch on a car it is much harder to replace. You have to drop the transmission — or lift the engine — to get access to the clutch. The parts will cost more. The labor will cost more. It is generally more expensive all around.
cars have a dry clutch, I think dirt bikes have a wet clutch immersed in oil. If you ride the clutch in a car it is not making full contact which will lead to overheating and increased wear.

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