CO2 Laser Eye Protection

Do glasses for 10600nm work for 10640nm CO2 lasers? I'm new to lasers, I see some googles that cover up to 10600nm, and others that go up to 11000nm. Do I need the 11000nm glasses? I've asked around and I'm getting mixed answers. Thanks!

Further to other answers, are you sure you have the wavelength numbers right? 10.6 µm = 10600 nm is a common wavelength for CO2 lasers. 1064 nm (a whole order of magnitude smaller) is a common wavelength from NdYAG lasers.

But if it’s definitely CO2, and your laser manufacturer doesn’t give firm guarantees, then holding out for 9-11 µm for safety glasses (a common spec) can’t hurt because CO2 lasers tend to be big, dumb, powerful brutes and some are liable to mode-hop around various wavelengths in the range 9.6–11 µm.
You need more information. What OD do you need at 10640? How quickly does the OD drop above 10600? The manufacturer or distributor of those glasses should have the detailed OD curve information available.

The top answer is number 1.

You have to re-verify the answers, there is no guarantee that all answers are correct.

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