Spanish Wave Human Hair

Spanish Wave Human Hair

What are the differences between Brazilian and Peruvian remy human hair extensions?

Brazilian hair usually comes from women with significant African ancestry, so it’s more likely to be curly, but it can come in all types. “Brazilian” really doesn’t mean much since Brazil is a giant mix of diasporas. It’s almost like saying “American hair”.

Peruvian hair is more likely to be straight and each hair strand a thicker diameter, since Peru has a pretty straightforward admixture of Amerindian, Spaniard, and a little bit of East Asian. Anyone who tells you Peruvian hair is naturally curly is lying to you and trying to sell you a weave from somewhere else. Peruvian hair is 1a stick-straight to 2a wavy.

Brazilian hair on average should be easier to shape and curl, while Peruvian hair should be more damage-resistant and longer-lasting, but harder to shape. Both are excellent high-quality hair types for weaves.

The top answer is number 1.

You have to re-verify the answers, there is no guarantee that all answers are correct.

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