Velvet Ribbon for Hair

What type of ribbon material is best for making hair bows? I’ve seen lace and satin, but I notice the JoJo Siwa ribbon material is so much different and much more durable.

There are a few choices for making hair bows depending on the look you are wanting. I have used double sided satin ribbon as there are a ton of colors to choose from. Given the shiny surface, though, it can have a tendency to slip out. One could also choose grosgrain ribbon which is less likely to accidentally come undone. The number of colors are limited and it is not available with any type of shine.

If you are close to a retailer who sells (genuine) silk ribbon, it is lovely too. In my limited experience, it will stay put.

In the past I was able to also find a polyester ribbon with a matte finish and a crispness similar to taffeta. I've not seen it for sale here for a very long time, but it could be available close to you. This was one of my favorite types of ribbon as it held well, washed wonderfully and did not crease. The colors in this ribbon were also very rich.

Lastly, and often my first choice these days, is a stretch velvet ribbon. Velvet, too, always has very rich colors that do not fade. They, like several others already mentioned, are very washable and not inclined to slip in shiny clean hair. This is also a product I'm unable to purchase locally, however, it can be ordered online.

I hope one or more of these options will work for you with whatever project you're doing. I’ve always been fond of ribbons for my daughter and granddaughters hair-particularly if I've just made dresses for them which used ribbon for trim.

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