Meet Zack Zeller

Zack Zeller, America’s Practical Nutrition Coach, shows everyday heroes how to drop fat without dieting or spending hours in the gym. Zack is the author of the #1 best-selling Practical Fat Loss Solution. Based in New York, his private clients include New York fashion celebrities, millionaire entrepreneurs, and Fortune 500 CEOs. Not to mention, the countless other mothers, teachers, nurses, and other everyday heroes transformed by Zack’s numerous home-study fat loss, cooking, and lifestyle courses.

Zack’s Mission

A passionate coach famous for his energy and effective insights, Zack’s mission is to transform the lives of 10,000 deserving frustrated dieters by 2018 to cultivate more confidence, happiness, and freedom to unleash their most vital selves to the world.

Zack collaborates with top fitness and nutrition experts such as John Berardi , Elliott Hulse, and Bedros Keullian to produce top-quality teachings. When he’s not coaching, reading up on the latest nutrition information, or cooking with his puppy Bella, you can look for Zack SCUBA diving or mixing up classic cocktails.


Success Stories

  • "Excellent coach, he explained everything super well, in fact, it felt like Zack belongs more in one of those reality weight loss TV shows than online. Obviously, he's a super genius at fat loss, but I felt an energy with Zack that I didn't feel with the other fat loss coaches I’ve tried

    Stacy S.
    Stacy S. President of SPS Consulting Inc.
  • Too many Ah-ha moments to count … I have a dozen new ways to start and eat better now! 

    Kate G.
    Kate G. Elite Sports Nutritionist
  • "Provides the most useful tools in my arsenal. Zack is a true genius when it comes to nutrition."

    Peter Tzemis
    Peter Tzemis America's Honest Fitness Coach

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